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Food libel laws in USA
2013-05-27 15:30   Author:  Sources:   Click:556

Food libel laws, also known as food disparagement laws and informally as veggie libel laws, are laws passed in 13  states that make it easier for food producers to sue their critics for . These 13 states include , , , , , ,, , , , , , and . Many of the food-disparagement laws establish a lower standard for civil liability and allow for punitive damages and attorneys fees for  alone, regardless of the cases outcome.

These laws vary significantly from state to state, but food libel laws typically allow a food manufacturer or processor to sue a person or group who makes disparaging comments about their food products. In some states these laws also establish different standards of proof than are used in traditional American libel lawsuits, including the practice of placing the burden of proof on the party being sued.